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Eclair ACL English Vs French

Like too much equipment advice given to film-makers, this French vs English ACL issue is derivative. It's like these film schools where the tutor's tell all the students "The Arri BL is THE movie camera for indie film-makers" (yawn).

Maybe I stand corrected but I assumed by the ACL you meant the camera body and not the mags. The mags were redesigned to lessen the torque on the original motor as someone has already pointed out.

The bodies however were manufactured to identical specs on both sides of the channel. The only difference are slight engineering variations on specific parts (something the French seem to enjoy doing, particularly with Aaton cameras. Never seem to get the same camera twice). The design on the whole is identical. How anyone can say "they just don't work" is utterly ridiculous. The only thing that never worked and never will are those original Eclair ACL motors. Mess about with them as much as you want, the motor (and I mean the windings here, not the electronics) are NOT designed to power 400ft mags. The attempt to fix this problem with English mags started this whole misinformation campaign on English made ACLs. They were obviously marketed to film-makers on the understanding that 400ft mags COULD be powered by the small mini-motor and people quickly found out they couldn't. Therefore the rest of the camera was tarred with the same brush.

I sell Eclair equipment often and I have to say that this is the most repetitive and boring question I have to deal with when someone considers the ACL.
"Is the body French or English" They ask.
"Why?" I ask
"Because the French body is better"
"I don't know, it just is."

Perhaps I feel particularly sensitive about this whole issue because I am British and feel as if we're being accused of what originates as a mistake made by the French.

Still, what's new?

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