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RE: Eclair ACL Rechargeable

Hello all,

I'm trying to convert an Anton Bauer charger into one I can use with my homemade ACL batteries. I'm wiring a male 4-pin XLR cable to the wires for the Bauer mount. I know this can be done sucessfully because I've seen this done, but what I'm trying to figure out is this: do you connect positive to positive and negative to negative, or do you reverse it because it's charging the battery?

I blew up a charger trying this - positive to postive, negative to negative, but it may have been a problem with the charger because when I replaced the fuses it didn't come back to life.

I'm hoping one of you more electrically minded folks can help me - I'm now clueless.


Joshua Tunick

cinesota@yahoo.com wrote:
Hi Stephen,
£110 seems pretty high for battery recells. I assume the packs you are referring to are the Eclair original onboard batteries? I haven't seen one up close but other List members have indicated that they are relatively easy to open. You might look a buying the individual cells online and doing the recells yourself. Not too hard if you are handy with a soldering iron. I like www.batterystation.com because they give you the actual dimensions of the cells and they carry all the off sizes like 2/3AA and such. Measure your battery cases and then calculate what size will fit. I, like Mark, recommend using 14.4v (12 cells) batteries if you can fit them in your cases. I also recommend NiMH cells over Ni-Cad any day. If you need a NiMH charger, a company called PowerSonic builds a nice one. I use an SLA battery as a back-up and they work quite well. Dirt cheap too! If I ever get my website up and running, I will have some info on DIY batteries. If anyone does a recell on their Eclair onboard packs, please take some pics and send them too me. This is a common topic on the List.

Stephen Pipe wrote:
> Ok so I've got the camera, they sent me a couple battery packs, I need > to recell them. To get new NiCad batteries X20 for the two battery packs > > > it will cost £110. The question is can I run the camera off of a > rechargeable sealed lead acid battery, price £15? Same spec 12v 4a. The > man from Maplin has fried my brain!
> Thankyou in advance Stephen

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