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RE: Eclair ACL Primes

You can easily see the difference between the Ang. and Zeiss primes by just
swapping the two while looking through your viewfinder.  The difference is
pretty amazing...

Mark is the flange that comes with your kit essential?  I've had a few
discussions with Les in England and I don't think he move the flange?  Maybe
he goes at it with different approach???

Chris Bell
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Normally a prime should be sharper than the corresponding zoom  --- but
Angenieux Primes are older than the 12:120 zoom, so I wouldn't make any
assumptions without testing. The Angie primes were designed when B&W
predominated, and B&W didn't require the sharpest lenses since the old B&W
films were vastly less sharp than modern color films (even today, the
Kodak B&
W motion picture films have never been upgraded to T-grain --- 7222 and
emulsions haven't been improved in over 30 years!  The next time I shoot a
W feature, I may try to order a special batch coated with T-Max emulsion
experiment --- there is a minimum order of something like 15,000 feet to
do a
special order). So you may be better off with the later model zoom.

Switars are extremely sharp --- the Angenieux primes are like toys next to
Switars, (Even the 13mm Switar D-mount on my Dad's old 8mm Bolex is
than an Angie prime). Just create a lens hood to avoid flare with the
--- the design places the front element right up front with no protection.
I've used Switars for inserts intercut with Zeiss, and they certainly
fine. (I once tried an Angenieux prime intercut with a Zeiss --- not a

Also, if you are shooting in Regular-16 you don't need expensive T1.2
SUPERSPEEDS to own Zeiss quality optics. You can pick up T2.2 Zeiss
standard-mount lenses for Regular-16 for $300-500 each, and they are
virtually as sharp as anything made today. Just make sure that the
are good.   Mark.

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