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Re: Eclair ACL Lens Flange

Hello Chris,

I have been told of some conversions where the flange is removed, rotated 90
degrees and redrilled to save cost, but it is still moved over 1.1mm to be
centered in the Super 16 area.  I don't understand how you could avoid doing
this.  Was Les saying that he would simply modify the flange and move it
over?  If not, why would you not have to recenter the lens.  Every S16
conversion I have ever heard of requires recentering.  I'll put in another
shameless plug for myself and Mark's Kit.  His Flange is as nice as the
original if not better!  Which would you rather pay for, a tech to modify
your original flange? or would you rather buy a new flange computer designed
and manufactured?  Check your math first! I believe that the cost works out
to be the same when you factor the cost of tech labor, not cheep.  I have a
machine shop that will CNC the front of the camera and will perfectly match
the bezel radius when recentering the flange for S16.  The cost of this
machining is $110.00  I am very interested in conversion work on the ACL and
would be interested in hearing about how others have gone about this task.

Paradime Media

Mark is the flange that comes with your kit essential?  I've had a few
discussions with Les in England and I don't think he move the flange?
he goes at it with different approach???

Chris Bell

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