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RE: Eclair ACL Arri Std - ACL Adapter

Hi Vic,
Les' price is pretty reasonable when you consider the amount of work that goes into making a lens mount. I bought one of his PL mounts awhile back and when you see it up close you realize how much precision work goes into one. It's a real work of art and built to last.

I was pricing the same adaptor last year at ZGC and they sold a Century Precision model ACL-Arri S adaptor that was going for roughly $700. Les actually builds adaptors for Century so chances are if you bought it from them you might actually be buying one of Les' adaptors.

Buy direct and save as they say. Works with carpet and lens mounts I guess.

Too bad we can't get a lens mount that would combine the Arri Bayo and Standard mounts into one unit. Is that possible Les? I've mounted many an Arri standard lens into an Arri SR camera.


valexander@stan.csustan.edu wrote:
Hi, Les

I was hoping the adapter was around $150.00 Is that completely out of the

What was the other contraption you mentioned, the adapters that go on each
lens (#1) ?


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