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Eclair ACL ACL Adapters

Vic & Ray ,
As Ray pointed out , the Arri Standard Adapter is one hell of a piece of work .The only reason that I am offering it at the price I said is because I will do a run of 6 or so , & hope to sell more than 1 .If I only sell 1 tough !.No way could I reduce the price .

On another note , answering both your questions., the other type adapter , which is a Cameflex - Arri Adapter , is both a Bayonet & Standard fitting . The bayonet twists in as per the Cameflex , & the Standard is retained by screws . Eclair used to make it .
I make them in batches of 20 , & they sell steadily .
The pice is £190.00 = $266.00 less 20% = $212.00

To make a moount to accept both mounts like the SR would be astronomic.
Arriflex make a PL - Arri Bayonet/Standard for about $1500.00 . The ACL version would be about the same , & just like the Arri one , probably wouldn't work very well either.
If you have both types of Arri mount , I would advise 1 off Arri Standard - ACL Adapter + 1 off CA! Adapter.


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