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RE: Eclair ACL mag roller lubricants

I have heard that sewing machine oil makes for a good camera lubricant. I used a little 3 in 1 oil on a sticky roller I had and it worked fine. I would think any decent quality light oil should work. I would stay away from anything that has teflon in it though. Teflon lubes tend to migrate and that wouldn't be good around the film path.

If you lube your camera rollers, use it sparingly. The stuff gets all over the place if you are not careful. I would actually remove the rollers rather than trying to put a drop of oil on it and working it in. When I did my roller, I removed it, took a Q-tip, put a few drops of oil on it, and rubbed it on the roller shaft until it was lightly coated. Then I replaced the roller, wiped away any excess with denatured alcohol and it's been fine ever since. I hope this helps.


ps. If you are really particular about what you use on your camera, ARRI makes a very good light oil and camera grease that I have since used on my Arriflex M and it works very well. I ordered it from ARRI LA. Email me if you want the phone#. It's not too expensive (which is unusual considering it's an ARRI product).

Nick Peterson wrote:
Can anyone recommend a type of grease/oil for lubricating the rollers inside the mags? How about sewing machine oil?



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