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RE: Eclair ACL mag roller lubricants

Yeah butter might work and it's tasty too! I would refrain from using strawberry jam or grape jelly as a camera lube though. Actually the Arriflex camera grease is quite good on toast;)


pmjbacon@netscape.net wrote:
Hi all
     ... well it is almost MARCH; so how about butter?

cinesota@yahoo.com wrote:

>I have heard that sewing machine oil makes for a good camera lubricant. > >I used a little 3 in 1 oil on a sticky roller I had and it worked fine. > >I would think any decent quality light oil should work. I would stay >away from anything that has teflon in it though. Teflon lubes tend to >migrate and that wouldn't be good around the film path.
>If you lube your camera rollers, use it sparingly. The stuff gets all >over the place if you are not careful. I would actually remove the >rollers rather than trying to put a drop of oil on it and working it in. > > When I did my roller, I removed it, took a Q-tip, put a few drops of >oil on it, and rubbed it on the roller shaft until it was lightly >coated. Then I replaced the roller, wiped away any excess with denatured >
>alcohol and it's been fine ever since.  I hope this helps.
>ps. If you are really particular about what you use on your camera, ARRI > >makes a very good light oil and camera grease that I have since used on >my Arriflex M and it works very well. I ordered it from ARRI LA. Email > >me if you want the phone#. It's not too expensive (which is unusual >considering it's an ARRI product).

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