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Re: Eclair ACL Ang Zooms

PS - Didn't mean to sound so negative, but so much is also personal judgement. For example, if you are shooting for TV then a slight corner vignetting of full Academy Frame may be OK for you. Also, the amount of vignetting at any given focal length will change as you vary the F-stop. So If you plan to work at smaller openings (say a lot of exterior work) then the lens will have even less accepatble range. And of course even if you just manage to prevent vignetting, it is likely that the image will be a little darker (and less sharp) towards the sides than at the center when you cut it that close. So ------- best idea is to do a test to see if a given "range" on a zoom really works for your specific needs. The only R-16 zoom lens that I ever found to be versatile with S-16 is the Angie 17.5-68 ... though it is not sharp enough for blowup to 35mm. I wish I could be more encouraging --- Mark. PS - I'm told that Les offers a really good price to convert a Zeiss 10:1 to a Super-16 14:140 (-1 stop). A T3.5 Zeiss 10:1 can occassionally be bought used for under $1000 on ebay (It wouldn't be the fastest lens when converted, but it would give you the sharpest possible image from 14-140! And exposing between F4 and F5.6 is a good place for overall sharpness anyway).

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