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Eclair ACL Ang Zooms and TV lenses

For what it's worth, back in my film school days we had a CP-16R that had an Angie 10-150 mounted on it and it vignetted a standard 16mm frame at it's widest focal setting. It may have just been the lens itself (God only knows when it was last serviced) but I had heard that about other Angenieux 10-150's. If it vignettes in standard 16 you will have real problems with S16.

I have a Fujinon 12.5mm TV lens that I am quite happy with. It's a 1" video lens and should cover super 16 no problem. I've been very happy with the results so far, but I finish everything on video these days and still shoot standard 16 only. It might not be ideal for blowup, but I recommend it none the less.


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