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Re: Eclair ACL ACL basic questions

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T2.2 Arri-Standards can be obtained (used) for around $400 US ---
sometimes a
little less, sometimes more. Check eBay, and "In Sync Magazine. I'll bet
they are probably just as sharp as a new $5,000 Arri T1.2 Superspeed lens
the coatings are still in good condition, and if the focus mechanism works

Andy Sparaco, a Chicago D.P. who has been around long enough to work with
both, tells me that this is not the case.

There is a significant difference between older lenses with older types of
glass, that were designed withh paper ray-traces, versus newer optics which
were designed by computer, have multicoating, and new types of glass.

The later model of Standards with focus barrels that turn independently
of the rear-of-the-lens itself are preferrable. I can't tell you if the
"T-star" coating of the Superspeeds is really a significant improvement
the coating used on the Arri-Standards, but my footage with standards is
incredibly sharp and I don't generally have flare problems with the primes
unless I'm shooting right into a light. And I figure if they were good
for movies made in the era of "The Godfather," then I'm perfectly happy to
use them.

Yes, lenses like that were used on big movies, but the resolution
requirements for 35mm lenses are not nearly as extreme as for 16mm, where no
lens is "sharp enough."

Projection is not a great way to compare lenses.
It's better to put the negative on a light table and use a high power loupe.

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