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Re: Eclair ACL ACL basic questions

I wired 10 AA NiMh (1.2v 1200ma) together, put them in a little case which I
bought at and electronics store, wired a 4pin XLR, bought a charger from
Alexander Battery and have never been happier.  I put a piece of velcro on
each mag, and one on each battery.  I built 4 batteries, one needs repair,
but I've never gone through two on any shoot.  The 12v batteries won't take
the camera to 75fps.  For that I use a 14.4v Aaton Bauer 'brick'.  But you
won't go 75fps very often, and for ease, price and convienience, I recommend
my little system.

Warren Yeager, SOC
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> I recommend using a 14.4v NiMH battery, which has worked quite well for
> In that way the power drops no lower than about 12v when the battery
> that in theory you should never have an out-of-sync problem with a
> going below 12v.

I've heard this recommended by a few others, but there is a strong reason
not to do it.
The drive circuits in the ACL motor use bipolar transistors. This means
are more fragile than modern power switching components, which use

It would be better to use a stiffer supply (ie., larger 12 volt battery),
rather than running the motor at the absolute maximum specified voltage.
motors are incredibly expensive to repair and almost impossible to

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