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RE: Eclair ACL ACL basic questions and Nikon mounts

Thought I would kill two birds with one stone.

connikurt@t-online.de wrote:
The camera comes with a 4 pin XLR cable but it doesn't come with a battery, so which battery and charger would you recommend?

If you want to go cheap, 12 volt sealed lead acid type batteries are economical and plentiful. Bescor makes a nice pack that is wired with a 4pin XLR connector and a charger for about $100 USD. I don't know if they sell that brand in Germany, but try any large pro video sales establishment and they should carry something similar. Tobin Cinema Systems sells a nice 12 volt battery pack as well.

It also comes with Arri standard and Arri bayonet adapters, but I#m asssuming that those lenses would be out of my price range.

Arri S mount Schneiders are easily found on ebay. They aren't the best glass in the world, but not bad for the money. I occasionally see matched sets of Cookes but they don't come cheap. Your bayonet mount is useful if you decide to rent lenses. Much of the higher end glass can still be found with the Arri B mount. I envy you, you are in the Arriflex/Schneider/Zeiss heartland. I would think you can find Arri lenses for less than we can here in the States.

paul williams wrote:
I got a question.  People seem to be using Nikon still
lenses with the ACL.  Is there a standard Nikon lens
mount or are there many different sorts?  And does
anyone manufacture an adaptor for the ACL?
I have always been a big fan of the Minolta MD mount
Prime still lenses particularly the 28mm, 50mm and
135mm:  very sharp with excellent contrast and colour
rendering.  Does anyone have experience with these
lenses on the ACL if indeed it is possible?  If so,
does anyone manufacture an ACL adaptor for this

I'm a big fan of using Nikon lenses with my ACL. I've had nothing but good results so far. I went the C-mount to Nikon route for awhile, but if you are changing lenses alot, I would suggest getting a proper Nikon lens mount fitted to your camera. Les Bosher, a first rate camera engineer and regular contributor to this list, makes a Nikon mount for the ACL. Stop by his website at www.lesbosher.co.uk , hit the Camera Conversions link, then the Eclair ACL link and you'll see his price list. I'll bet he can build you an adaptor for those Minolta lenses you like, although it might be a one off project and a bit pricier than his Nikon adaptor.

Hope this helps.


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