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RE: Eclair ACL ACL basic questions and Nikon mounts


So is there anything special I have to pay attention to when using Nikon lenses? Any limitations? This just so happens to be the brand of my still camera, so that could work for me to if I purchase the adapter.


I'm a big fan of using Nikon lenses with my ACL. I've had nothing but good results so far. I went the C-mount to Nikon route for awhile, but if you are changing lenses alot, I would suggest getting a proper Nikon lens mount fitted to your camera. Les Bosher, a first rate camera engineer and regular contributor to this list, makes a Nikon mount for the ACL. Stop by his website at www.lesbosher.co.uk , hit the Camera Conversions link, then the Eclair ACL link and you'll see his price list. I'll bet he can build you an adaptor for those Minolta lenses you like, although it might be a one off project and a bit pricier than his Nikon adaptor.

Hope this helps.


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