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Re: Eclair ACL Ray's 'Heads Up ' etc

I'd prefer a separate list for Aatons.
Great camera, but I don't own one, and it would be more email to delete

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From: "Joshua Tunick" <joshuatunick@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Friday, March 22, 2002 1:01 PM
Subject: RE: Eclair ACL Ray's 'Heads Up ' etc

Hey Ray -

How about adding Aaton's to the list?  I've got an LTR7, which as I
understand it is the next step of the ACL, after Aaton bought Eclair.
I've got some manuals and other goodies that I'd be happy to share / put
up on a web page.  And Les is going to Super 16 it for me - he knows
quite a bit about LTRs.

Plus, there's really no information on the web about these cameras.
Aaton of course focuses their efforts on the XTRs.  I guess I'll have to
get a page going...

What do you think?

Joshua Tunick

Les Bosher wrote:
> Hi All ,
> I'm all in favour of adding the NPR & the Bolex to the Forum , I Super
> 16 them both ! I also make a PL Hardfront for the CM3 , or fit Nikon
> Mounts into the Cameflex Port.
> Being a sceptical Brit , isn't Hotmail something to do with Microsoft (
> the only business in the World that can sell you faulty goods & then
> charge for a fix , which then needs another fix @ big bucks ,
> then............) . Why would it be expected to work ?
> Answers on a postcard .
> Mark , haven't fogotten the rossettes , making a batch , contact you
> when ready ,  with a silly price .
> All you guys who responded about the ACL Top Handle , thanks for your
> response . When ready , I'll let you know a price . There's enough of
> you for it not to be a 'one off ' job.
> My Super 16 Zeiss etc Zoom Lens conversion is now up to my Optical
> Standard , so I'll be letting it loose on you pretty soon .
> Price to be $700.00 after 20% Discount to you , fitted & including new
> Iris & Zoom Scales
> A bit better than $1800. 00 + fitting from Optex etc.
> Regards
> Les
> les@lesbosher.co.uk
> Web Site : -  www.lesbosher.co.uk
> Tel/Fax :- 01685 811422
> You can now pay online using PayPal
> https://www.paypal.com/xclick/business=les%40lesbosher.co.uk

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