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Eclair ACL XLR connectors and other List bits

For my money the Neutrik brand XLR connector is the best on the market. I've built several cables and they are far and away the easiest to work with. The pins are well marked. Tip: Pin 1 is a slightly longer pin than the rest and pin 4 is the farthest away from pin 1. Remember pin 1 is always negative and pin 4 positive. Watch your polarity!

In response to Joshua's request to add the Aaton LTR to our discussions, I have no objections. For the sake of focus though lets keep it to French cameras only. Aaton's, Beaulieu's, and Eclair's. No stinkin' Arri's! (Just kidding, I actually own an Arri M that I dearly love but don't tell anybody. Unfortunately it's loud as a lawnmower and not super 16 upgradeable, but Les did offer to give a S16 upgrade a shot.)

And you guys with old Pathe or Debrie handcrank cameras will just have to go and start your own list:-)

Speaking of starting lists I got my super 8 list going and I'll be sending invites to everyone on the ACL List shortly. If you aren't interested just bin the invite. I have no worries that it will be an active list because super 8 aficionados are a lively lot. I wanted to ask what people think about a list for the Bolex? My only concern is too narrow of a focus. One drawback that I found with the ACL List is that frankly there is only so many ways one can discuss a film camera (which is the one reason I'm expanding the scope of the ACL List). What do you folks think? Do you think a Bolex only list is sustainable?

For those of you worried the ACL List will just become a general camera forum, not to worry. It is and will always be primarily about the Eclair ACL, but I don't see any harm in including other cameras in the discussion. We're all in the same boat: keeping our dusty ol' cameras going!

Cheers all,
Ray the List Mum

ps. The irony of my statement "French cameras only " is that both my ACL's are of the English variety. Once I add Robert Latimer's DC2Light motor there won't be a French part on them.

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