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Eclair ACL Shipping to England and Les B

I agree with you Barry, Les is the bomb. A real nice fella and if it's made out of glass or metal he can build it or fix it. I'm sure his head is swelling up with all this praise:)

Regarding shipping to England, US Postal Express Mail is the way to go. It's about half the cost of FedEx or UPS and you get all the same services, online tracking, insured parcel, et al, arrives in about 2-3 days. When it gets to England I believe DHL does the delivery work. I send all my stuff to Les this way and never had a problem. Les likes FedEx so it will be coming back thru them. Never had an issue with customs either way but watch out for import taxes. I bought a PL mount for my ACL and I got nailed with a bill from FedEx for $35 in import fees. I don't think it applies to repairs or modifications but if it's a new item they will tax you for it. Given Les' prices I still came out of it with a good deal and I didn't have to pay VAT fees.


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