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Eclair ACL ACL core carriers etc

Hi guys ,

It looks like there are quite a few of these carriers required , so I'll run a batch off . At a guess about $120.00 each , but I'll see when I've done them . I've got 20 off ordered here in the UK , so some more won't hurt .

As an aside , I just happened to notice that the 200' disc is exactly the same diameter as a CD .
Could I have found a purpose for all those CD's that come through the letterbox in Junk Mail - ISP's etc .?
Answers on a Postcard .

Re:- Shipping costs .
It amazes me as well.
I have an account with FedEx . If I ship with FedEx direct as opposed to using my local Carriers who sub to them , it cost much more .
Re :- the strobing camera thread .
I know what the cause is , & the cure .
To date , not one camera that I've converted to S16 , 20 or so to date , has since had the problem.
It's all to do with knowing how to set the movement up correctly , which is probably down  to 'days in the business'.


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