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RE: Eclair ACL 200 ft. mags and Aminima film loads

Hi Robert,
I've used three of these loads in my camera and haven't had a problem yet. The Aminima 200' load is nothing more than 200 feet of single perf film wound onto a 2" core, emulsion side out. The plastic daylight flanges snap off and what you are left with is essentially a standard 2" camera core. I measured it and it's the same size as all the little yellow cores littering my ditty bag. What Kodak did was modify a core so it could accept the snap on daylight flanges per Aaton's design. I'm not sure what to say if you are having clearance problems. I removed the flanges on mine while I was in the bag. You also have to have a core plate on your feed side, although I suspect one could get away with a standard core adaptor and leave the flanges on.

I bought my stock early last summer, so it's possible Kodak made some design change that is causing your sizing problem. I doubt they would make the spindle hole on the core a non-standard size, as it would cause all kinds of problems for labs.

I've contacted Kodak a couple of times to let them know that the Aminima load is compatible with the ACL. But being Kodak, they never responded and the load is still marked "Aminima Only".


Robert Morein wrote:
I don't know what you mean when you say you can use the A-Minima loads in the ACL. I had a spool that I experimented with. I could not get it in the magazine. The spool is too thick and it hits top and bottom. The core center is not compatible with the spindle. The hole is too big to fit snuggly on
the axle, and too small to fit on a core platter.

I had ten of those loads, and I had them respooled onto cores by a lab.

What method did you use to make these loads work?

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