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Eclair ACL A-Minima film--Links!

Here are some links people might find useful regarding A-minima film stock.

AbelCine's QT movie on loading an A-Minima mag. Shows how the flanges come apart. Also shows the A-Minima isn't exactly a quick change mag design:

The available stock and ordering numbers from Kodak for the A-Minima. Sadly no 800 speed color or B&W negative available:

Lastly the official A-Minima website from Aaton. I just added it because it's a very cool camera and shows it fully loaded. Includes links to alot of the info listed above:

Please folks, don't go out and buy a dozen rolls of A-Minima stock for your ACL on my say so. Buy a roll first, test it with your camera and if it works fine, go buy the other eleven rolls.

Over and out,

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