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Re: Eclair ACL mags and HD-144 conversion

Hi. It's funny you mention Bruce --- I just sent him a S-16 connecting rod via 4 day Express that took 10 days. Since there seems to be interest in the 350' mag conversion, I'll take some photos and draw up some plans just as soon as I have the time. Might not happen right away, as I'm swamped with a few things right now, but I will get to it as soon as possible and post it on my website. I'll post a note on this list when that has happened. (For the longest time I've had this "COMING SOON" item about how to refocus the ground glass, and have yet to get that up).

The HD-144 kits are available on my site at www.members.aol.com/Super16ACL. I have 2 GOLD kits left, and after that it's the PLATINUM which has the S-16 Aperture plate, HD-144 Shutter and the S-16 Flange (it doesn't re-center the mirror, an option with the GOLD kit that isn't critical, though is a nice "peace of mind" thing --- however Bruce can make that part himself if you really want it and I have extra S-16 connecting rods). Regards, Mark.

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