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Re: ACL 400' mags

Hello Roland,

A pair of 400's were on ebay recently @ $900 and received zero bids. I can get a pair of 400's in very nice shape for $800, but have to buy the 2 and only need one. I'd like to get a single for $500 or less, provided its fully operational and does not require service.

If you can sell one of your mags in my price range, please let me know.

Were you able to get a 200? I saw someone on the list selling one for $250.


Thanks for the message, I would be interested in selling one of my 400ft
Mags, you can see them at:
http://www.propagandaindustries.org/pics/acl/acl.html and

Thanks for the advice about keeping a $400, that would be the ideal, 2 200's
and 1 400 :)

I have run film through both MAGS and they are silent and are in good
condition. Cosmetically each mag has a number (ie "1" and "2") designation.
Both mags also include the end cap.

Let me know what you think is fair, I think $800 is what dealers ussualy
ask, I would be willing to sell one for $700.
Let me know, Thanks

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From: Tony Yordan [mailto:playero@caribe.net]
Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2002 6:59 AM
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Subject: ACL 400' mags

Hello Roland,

I read your post regarding an acl magazine trade - 200's for 400's - and
would be interested in purchasing 1 of your 400's. I'm pretty sure you
can get (2) 200's with the proceeds from the sale of (1) 400 as they're
worth twice as much.

If you are willing to sell one of your mags, let me know how much it
would be, and provide a brief description of its operational & cosmetic
condition. I'm assuming the core plate adapter(s) is/are included.

If it helps you any, I only own 200' mags for my acl, and they are a
delight to use. But...sometimes I wish I had a 400 for those longer

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Tony Yordan