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Eclair ACL I LOVE those cute little 200 foot mags!

Hi Phill --- when I said that 400' mags are worth more than 200' mags, I didn't mean it as an expression of personal feelings; it was a statement regarding the actual cash value to buy them: the 200' mags sell for $200-$400, the 400' mags go for $700-$1200. Personally speaking, I think that the 200' mags are worth their weight in Gold --- I've been able to get shots that no SR or Aaton could ever have obtained. I own 7 of them (I used to have 8, but one was sacrificed in my early Frankenstein efforts to create a 350' mag). Please don't think me a 200 foot basher! Mark. PS - I've always said that Nationality of mag is irrelevant to performance. I like the French 400' Footage Counter better since it shows actual film left, but there is no question that the English 400 Footers place less torque on the motor. Incidentally, once a 200 foot mag is converted to 350', which requires removal of the footage counter in the feed side, the best way to have a footage counter is to use the English 400' design, which doesn't invade the film chamber. Also, the English counter design makes it feasible to have a digital counter by removing the mechanical counter, gluing a tiny magnet onto the large gear, and installing a magnetic reed switch which would attach to an LCD that clicks up every pulse. I haven't done it yet, but it seems like it should work easily in principal. So there are definite advantages to the English design as well.

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