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Eclair ACL ACL serial number info.

My hat is off to Pierre Samuel Rioux. The guy went the extra mile and called Bernard Dechaumel in France. It wasn't cheap and he had to get up early because of the time difference, but he did it none the less. Apparently Bernard is a wealth of information on the ACL. Mr. Dechaumel doesn't have access to the web so for the time being he will be communicating with Pierre Sam via fax.

Many thanks Pierre Sam! I'm sending him one of the last of my homebrewed ACL t-shirts.

Regarding the serial numbers of the ACL this is what was found out: 1970 24 or 25 fps motor
1974  variable speed motor
1976  incorporated a light meter (serial#'s 1500 to 2000?)
And the last ACL builds were 3400 to 3500 serial numbers.

Pierre Sam was able to track down a shutter speed diagram for the Cameflex/CM-3. It is in French but the pertinent info should be useable by anyone. He is going to fax it to me when he gets a chance and I will try to make it available online. Pierre Sam is looking for a Cameflex user manual. If anyone has one please let him know.

Speaking of ACL t-shirts. I'm looking at making some up and I would like to gauge interest in the idea. They would be in red or black, 100% cotton, and feature the Eclair ACL logo in white on the front. I did some on my inkjet printer last fall but these would be proper silkscreened jobs. Pricing would be about $12. If you are interested let me know. Your t-shirt size would be helpful too. I don't want to order a bunch of XL's and everybody wears large. By the way if you received one of my homebrewed T-shirts last fall, you'll get a free replacement tee when I run 'em off.

Cheers all,
Ray the List Mum

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