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Re: Eclair ACL Cameras for video assist

Hi Robert. I'm using the tap with an 8mm lens on the mini-camera, for 
Super-16. Yes, the Weldex camera shows flicker. But for a rig that cost me 
less than $200 all in, that's to be expected. It does the trick for operating 
the camera off a jib arm, where the operator can't get to the finder. I'm 
attaching a JPG photo of your adapter on the ACL non-orientable finder. The 
mini-camera sits right inside your adapter. As you can see, I replaced one of 
the set screws with a knurled screw so that I can quickly loosen the adapter 
and rotate it to make the image straight once the finder is oriented in the 
best way for any given shot. In addition to a very low cost, the whole thing 
adds negligible weight. Thanks again. Mark.

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