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Eclair ACL light leaks and mag maintenance

Never had a leak to speak of. I always tape my mags though. Force of habit. One thing I like about the English mags over the French variety is the way the mag doors fit to the mag body. It uses a 3 point latch system rather than the tongue and groove of the French models. The English jobbers also include a rubber O-ring around the door for a better seal.

While we are on the subject of mags, I would suggest people check a couple of things. First the small screws that secure the mag throat to the body can work loose over time. I had a mag bought off ebay and the screws were quite loose (with a loose throat). On a hunch I went and checked my other mags and sure enough every one had at least one or two loose screws. Thankfully the throats weren't loose or it could have caused big problems. It pays to check. (Word of caution: Don't overtighten the screws. They are tiny and probably easily stripped. A bit of Locktite might help keep 'em tight.) Second, check the O-ring seal around the pressure plate. Every 200' mag I own had dried out, cracked seals. I don't know if this will contribute to light leak but it can't help things. I found some off-the-shelf O-rings at the local hardware store that I was able to fit into the groove around the pressure plate. Getting it in there is tricky. I have posted on this subject before. If anyone is interested in the size I used or how I got it to work, let me know and I will dig up my original posting. Others have found different methods for fixing this problem.


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