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Eclair ACL Of Viewfinders and Burnt Out HD Motors

He burnt up two(!) heavy duty motors? Ouch! I hate to hear that given they are such rare birds to begin with.

I just want to go on record as saying my trials with a 14 volt battery is strictly a short term test. I tested it with a well maintained ACL and 400' English magazine. I only ran off about 200' of a 400 foot roll and it did indeed help the loss of speed problems I was having. Over the long term Robert may vary well be right that running the ACL with this voltage will be detrimental. Robert seems to know a thing or two about electronics so it might pay to heed his words. I don't want to feel responsible for anyone blowing up their ACL. My take on this has been that I am stuck with the small motor on my camera and if I blow that up, so be it. The small motor is practically useless for my purposes to begin with so I'm not that concerned about damaging it. I plan on buying a Moviehouse DC2Light motor anyhow. If I had an HD motor I would think twice about playing around with the battery voltage. Robert's advice of using a stiff 12v pack might be the way to go. Someone like Clive Tobin or George Zorzoli may be able to give us some insight into this motor/voltage debate. As I understand it George is a whiz with the ACL electrical. Have you asked him about the subject Robert?

Regarding George Zorzoli, you might suggest the ebay seller inquire into what it will cost to fix the motor(s). May be something as simple as an overload fuse?

I was always under the impression that there were two viewfinder bases for the ACL. One is the base for the Angie non-orientable finder which is permanently attached to the viewfinder neck. The other is the base for the Angie orientable finder and the Kinoptik finder, which features the large silver lock ring connection that allows you to interchange viewfinders. I thought the NPR and the CP-16R both use this design same design. Am I wrong? Were there other finder bases for the ACL? You learn something new every day.

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