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Re: Eclair ACL Of Viewfinders and Burnt Out HD Motors

If I had an HD motor I would think twice about playing around with the
battery voltage.  Robert's advice of using a stiff 12v pack might be the
way to go.  Someone like Clive Tobin or George Zorzoli may be able to
give us some insight into this motor/voltage debate.  As I understand it
George is a whiz with the ACL electrical.   Have you asked him about the
subject Robert?

Next time I talk with him.

Regarding George Zorzoli, you might suggest the ebay seller inquire into
what it will cost to fix the motor(s).  May be something as simple as an
overload fuse?

George looked at the motor, and could not repair it. I don't know why. Some
motors are definitely repairable, and it is a matter of speculation why his
were not.

As far as George being a wiz, he has his OWN MOTOR. He used an Israeli motor
and built the electronics into the base. It lacks an inching knob, and it
irritates the seller that it does not stop in the viewing position. For
these reasons, it appears it was a one-off.

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