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Eclair ACL ACL II manual and ebay oddities

Robert Morein wrote:
If I could magically find an ACL II manual, who would like to scan and PDF
it, and promise to return it to me?

Hi Robert,
If no one else has offered, send it to me. I'll cover the costs coming and going, and the PDF scan too. I would like to have it available for anyone on the list who needs it. I can just email them the PDF doc. If I ever get my website up and running I'll make it available for download. I'll send you my address off-list.

By the way, I found an odd item on ebay. Anybody have a clue what camera it's for and how it works? It is made by Hafflex. My guess is it's for an Arri 16 BL. Interesting none the less. Take a look.

Ray (the List Mum)

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