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Re: Eclair ACL ACL II manual and ebay oddities

   The address cinesota@yahoo.com does not work.

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Subject: Eclair ACL ACL II manual and ebay oddities

Robert Morein wrote:
> If I could magically find an ACL II manual, who would like to scan and > PDF
> it, and promise to return it to me?
> Hi Robert, If no one else has offered, send it to me. I'll cover the costs coming and going, and the PDF scan too. I would like to have it available for anyone on the list who needs it. I can just email them the PDF doc. If I ever get my website up and running I'll make it available for download. I'll send you my address off-list.

By the way, I found an odd item on ebay. Anybody have a clue what camera it's for and how it works? It is made by Hafflex. My guess is it's for an Arri 16 BL. Interesting none the less. Take a look.

Ray (the List Mum)

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