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Re: Eclair ACL NPR Question...

It doesn't look to me like A wind can be used in either the ACL or NPR. A wind means the sprocket holes are on the near side when the roll is oriented so that the head end leaves the roll on the top and to the right (clockwise.) B wind means the sprocket holes are on the far side.
But if the roll is wound emulsion in you can't orient an A wind roll so that the sprocket holes are on the necessary side required by the sprockets and still have the emulsion facing the lens.  Does any manufacturer still ship film stock wound emulsion out?  Apparently they once did, since the NPR mags had threading paths for both on the supply side of the mag.


super16acl@aol.com 4/17/02 4:46:55 PM >>>
Hi David. The only difference between single and double perf is exactly as you stated, and Super-16 is single perf. Double perf can be run by any camera (except an Auricon if you are recording sound-on-film). Single perf can be run by almost any camera, (except a Mitchell, which needs both perfs). I haven't loaded an NPR in a long time, but I imagine that it will take either A or B wind --- but that's just a guess. Try it with a dummy load and make sure that nothing scratches it when it is A wind. Also, Eclair made a factory Super-16 conversion kit for the NPR if you ever decide to convert it. They do it at Optical Electro House in Culver City, and Les Bosher in England probably does it as well. The NPR is a great camera. Very quiet and fantastic registration. Mark. PS - There is an NPR site on the web.

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