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Re: Eclair Cameras: Timecode with ACL

Eclair offered an in-camera timecode option for the ACL at one time. At least I once saw an Eclair ad in an old American Cinematographer for an EBU time code option which seemed like it involved the use of a special mag. I've never seen one or heard of any being used. Even if you managed to find one I suspect it wouldn't be of much use. Even the versions of time code offered by Arriflex and Aaton are incompatible so it is unlikely anyone post house would support the Eclair system. The method Hans suggested is probably the most common way to shoot with time code even when using Arri and Aaton cameras. Aaton code and arricode allows you to shoot without a slate (which very few people do as far as I know). There are also advantages in syncing during telecine (Instasync), magless dailies and matchback with properly equipped facilities but its not indispensable.

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