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Re: Eclair Cameras: Timecode with ACL

For a music video I shot on 16mm with a crystal sync camera, I recorded the
CD music onto an editing VCR with time code ON and a video black input.
You could do the same into an NLE.  Play this with the super ON (render
timecode overlay on an NLE) to place the time code on the video output.
Record this to a consumer digital camcorder with an LCD screen.  Take this
camcorder to the set, connect the audio out to big speakers and the video
out to a big monitor or just use the LCD screen folded over so it is
visible on the side of the camcorder.  Play the appropriate part of the
music, shoot the timecode on the screen and keep rolling as you shoot the
band.  I found it much easier to do tail slates because it was a lot of
trouble to shoot the monitor, re-adjust the iris, swing around, zoom in,
focus, pull back and shoot the band; all the work goes at the end of the
take.  Syncing up picture timecode with the timecode burned on the music
track video is easy.

Next time, I'll resample the CD at the correct rate because when the film
is telecined, it is slowed down to (about) 23.98 frames per second and then
the picture will slowly drift but not bad for the short takes on music

To record live sound, I've used a stable video source and timecode
generator with window dub inserter, record this picture onto a camcorder
while recording live sound on it, too, and shoot the little LCD picture
with the film camera as a head or tail slate.  Again, the picture will
drift slowly because of telecine.  It might be possible to adjust the video
source rate up to match the slow-down in telecine; the video/audio will be
played slower, too, when it is later transferred.

A camcorder is much less expensive than a timecode slate if all this works
out and it is also a camcorder.



To record timecode on a tape recorder you don´t need a tape recorder with a
built in timecode generator, you can use a 2 track (stereo) recorder and
record the timecode on one track if you have a Aaton GTMS generator or one
from Ambient Recording. This is the right address to the company:
Hans Hansson, DOP, FSF

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