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Re: Spam Alert: Eclair Cameras: Please answer


They will cover s-16 very well. And it's Cooke-quality..... you will like it or hate it. That means: They are just very, very old lenses - mostly coated yellow for B/W-filmstock. They give very warm colors, a sharp but not a perfect image. It looks "vintage" and very special. Focus pulling is - like all arri-Standrad-mounts a bit....hmmm... you have to practice. And it depends on the adaptor you use. It works somehow.

I just love the look and I can live with the handling.


If you can find a 12,5mm you will have one of the nicest wideangles ever!!! And S-16!!!!

At 19:06 03.06.2003 +0200, you wrote:
Hi guys,
I´m about to buy two cooke kinetal lenses.
they are a 17.5 and a 25mm.
I´d like to know if they will cover s16 and something about their quality and focus pulling syatem.
Please answer because i´m about to close the transaction.

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