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RE: Eclair Cameras: Loading 200' ACL magazines with A-minima

Thanks for all the responses. I did eventually get a password change authorized by Topica, so I can access the archives.

If worse comes to worse, I will use daylight spools on the takeup side. I'm still concerned with the feed side. You say that the aminima loads come with plastic daylight flanges. Do these have the square-peg holes that fit on the ACL mag spindle? That is, would it be possible to just load the whole thing, flanges and all, with no adapter? Or, as you say, will I still need an adapter on the feed side? (I haven't opened up the film to look at it yet, sorry for the basic question.)

Finally, any ideas on cinema supply companies to call to get a couple of those core adapters for repurposing purposes?

Marc S.

From: RT <cinesota@yahoo.com>
Subject: RE: Loading 200' ACL magazines with A-minima

Hi Marc,
Ditto on what Mark says.  You can fabricate a core plate from a core
adaptor and a 200' daylight spool.  The Arriflex and Bolex adaptors can
be converted by removing the small flanges on them and replacing them
with a 200' daylight flange.  You'll have to be handy with a dremel tool
to do it but it can be done.  Get a daylight spool that is dead straight

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