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RE: Eclair Cameras: Loading 200' ACL magazines with A-minima

Hi Marc,
Ditto on what Mark says. You can fabricate a core plate from a core adaptor and a 200' daylight spool. The Arriflex and Bolex adaptors can be converted by removing the small flanges on them and replacing them with a 200' daylight flange. You'll have to be handy with a dremel tool to do it but it can be done. Get a daylight spool that is dead straight or it will scrape and you wouldn't have really solved your problem. If you can't locate any core adaptors, then the daylight spools are your only option. You can use them on the take up side. You shouldn't have any problems with noise as long as the flanges aren't bent or warped. Definitely do a test to see if any noise is detected. On the feed side unfortunately you will need a core plate or a core adaptor to use an Aminima load. The loads are standard 2" camera cores rolled with 200' of film rather than the standard 400'. If you are curious as to what one looks like you can safely take them out of the can in low-light. As far as the loading goes, the Aminima loads are a perfect match to the 200' magazines. The fact that they are emulsion out is actually called for in the Eclair ACL manual. If you have the manual just follow the loading diagram and you should be fine.

If you are familiar with loading a core load then you will have no problems with the Aminima loads. They are nothing more than core loads with removeable daylight flanges. You might try loading it a time or two in low light with the flanges on until you get the hang of it. When you are comfortable put everything in the bag. Remove the flanges (you'll see how they are attached during the test loading). You can leave them on but some have reported problems with the cores not seating properly with them attached. Removing them also cuts down on the risk of their scraping the inside of the mag and causing noise. The core will unwind in a counter-clockwise fashion with the emulsion facing the back of the magazine. Send it through the light trap and reattach the feed side door. You can now pull it from the bag and load the take up side in the light.

If you are new to loading a mag I suggest doing a few dry runs first to get the hang of it. The ACL 200' magazine doors can be tricky. You need to make sure that the two "tongues" on the mag door are engaging properly or you will never get the darn thing to close properly. Never force anything. The latch mechanism on the mags is surprisingly fragile. Once you get the hang of it, loading a mag is a snap.

Hope this helps. I wasn't sure what your level of experience is with loading ACL mags. Let me know if you have any questions.


ps. Let me know if you continue to have problems accessing the Topica archives. I don't have access to member's passwords but I may be able to help. I have temporarily opened the List archives so you won't need a password to view them. Good luck.

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