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Re: Eclair Cameras: Single Frame

Optical Electro House offers an intervalometer for the ACL.  It costs $945(?), speeds: 1 f/s -1 f/10 hr.  It has manual mode (single frame).   No time-expossure.  Compatible with the Tobin milliframe controller for extra charge. 

I will be purchasing one and selling my NCS/Beaulieu R16 time-lapse combination for $700. Rock solid registration!  davewmccallum@hotmail.com  for more info.  www.intervalometers.com  for info on the NCS intervalometer.

Also, I was wondering if there was any feedback to Chris Leong's question on the quality of Kilfitt macro Kilar lenses.

 >I have good exp. using a ACL and a adapted single frames motor. The one

>Tobin is making for Bolex can be adapted to a ACL. Runs on 12 volt and have
>time lapse control. The ACL camera works without capping shutter.
>Hans Hansson, FSF, Sweden
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