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Re: Eclair Cameras: Single Frame

Karl. Haven't assembled the whole thing yet, but I should have it within a few weeks since I'm up against a deadline. I have no doubt that it would be far easier just to use a S-16 Bolex, since a Bloex is "all set to go", but I happen to have a spare S-16 ACL body and a spare SS50 motor, so for me it makes sense to put them together --- I already have a bracket built out of aluminum and my shop is creating a rubber motor-to-camera coupler for it. The other advantage for me is that I can then also use the S-16 ACL camera on my JK Optical printer if I ever need to. I'll post photos when it's done. But if you have access to a Bolex, and if the single-frame registration is ok for your needs, why hassle with an ACL set-up? I've seen some terrific animation done with a Bolex. Mark.
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