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Re: Eclair Cameras: rewind vs spiral

You make yourself a drying rack. The simplest way is to construct a frame that is perhaps two feet wide and maybe 3 or 4 feet long (the exact length will depend on the spread of the rack.) This would sort of resemble a rectangular picture frame and can be made of wood. The top and bottom 3' or 4' long pieces should be of about 1" dowel, the ends can be anything--1x2, for example. Tack small nails, like 4 penny finishing nails, into the dowels to act as guides so that the film can be wrapped around this frame in a spiral fashion with the nails preventing overlaps. Mount the rack on some sort of framework so that it can be supported and rotated on centers on the 1x2 end pieces. Attach the end of the film to one end of a dowel and wrap the film emulsion out around the rack, not tight, just tight enough to keep the loops from escaping the nail guides. We used to staple a rubber band to the tail of the film and thumbtack it to the wood to provide a little give as the film shrank. Rotate this rack from time to time because the moisture will tend to collect on the bottom loops. If you can rig it to spin slowly, even better.
It will dry in minutes if the humidity in the room is not high.

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rockanroll@everyday.com 1/25/04 8:15:07 AM >>>
I have used spiral processing for super8 with good results drying the film, just hanging the spiral and a hair dryer.
How do you dry 30m of 16mm when using a rewind tank?

I have used the russian tank, with fine results on an
individual roll basis, but you'll need to get a good
regular method going in order to get consistency from
roll to roll. (I have only processed regular 16 with

On a further note, does anyone know the availabilty of
rapid B+W chemistry? I have a Hadland machine
(negative) processor, which while it functions very
well, allows only about 30 seconds per bath! There
seems to be very little data about, and Kodak is its
usual (un)helpful self when it comes to giving info on
their products... I think I'll end up slowing the
machine down...




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