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Re: Eclair Cameras: Kodak Vision2

Warren Yeager wrote:

...Someone responed to this posting with the rhetorical question:  Will this be
Kodak's last new stock?  Well, the reason that Kodak still has a future is
that it is outpacing video.   I hope Kodak keeps raising the bar.  I shot a
commercial with 5218, and it was awesome!   It held 4 1/2 stops overexposed
like nothin' and dug into the blacks with detail.  I couldn't have shot in a
thick forest at noon, with sunlit rocks and shielded soil without it....<

Amen to that!  I just finished shooting an entire hour drama in thick forest, day and night.  Turned out that the only 2 stocks I needed were 7248 for open, clear sunlit scenes (not many of those) and 7218 for everything else.  Even shot some in the car dialogue scenes on 18 while the cars were driving through both sun and shadow.  Interior was lit with Kinos, so you know I was opened to 4 or 5.6.  Sunlit exteriors still held detail.

On the subject of new stocks, the word I got was that there is to be a Vision 2 version of both 200T AND 100T.  If that's true, think of the possibilities for blowup on the 100T!

Wade K. Ramsey, DP
Dept. of Cinema & Video Production
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC 29614

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