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Re: Eclair Cameras: To cooke or not to Cooke?

Hi, Fulgencio

The Cooke's are great. I've used them before. I have three 16mm Angenieux lenses the 10mm f/1.8, the 25mm f/0.95 and the 15mm f/1.3

I need to find someone who can get some dust out of the 10mm and the 25mm and polish off the dullness off the 15mm. Do you know anybody?

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 Subject: Eclair Cameras: To cooke or not to Cooke?

 Hi guys,
 I use switars but it´s hard if not imposible to follow focus.
 Recently bought two cooke kinetal (17.5 and 25)
 i send them to Les bosher to put gears.
 Does anyone know how good they are?
 I´m thinking about getting the whole set so i´d like information on how they are for going to 35mm.
 Is it worth?

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