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RE: Eclair Cameras: Image Quality

Mike Welle wrote:

When I shot Fuji Color Negative, and had it transferred to video, the
lab got the colors all wrong (pink faces). Since then, I have been afraid to shoot this film. But I shot six rolls recently, and I am planning to send them off to www.3516.com for scene by scene color correction...<

You might try some Kodak neg. (if you can forgive their ignorance about the ACL!)  We've never had a problem with transfers with any of their emulsions.  And of course, if you can supervise the transfer you can get it any way you want it.  We don't supervise the transfers, so I think you'd be satisfied with the results, even unsupervised.

I knew the ACL meter had to be zeroed on a gray card, but I've never heard how long that calibration holds once you set it.  Does it stay calibrated after battery power is turned off for some period of time?

I don't have any better method of candid shooting in varying conditions.  The TTL is best for that.  But in controlled situations, scripted sequences in dramatic films, etc., you use an incident meter and adjust lighting to suit your tastes so that (normally) iris pulls aren't necessary.  In the old Mitchell days, the AC might adjust the dissolving shutter as you panned, in extreme situations requiring exposure adjustments mid-shot.  Nowadays, with the latest cameras you can plug in a laptop and do that remotely.

We're not in that league, however!

Wade K. Ramsey, DP
Dept. of Cinema & Video Production
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC 29614

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