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Re: Eclair Cameras: The Mini super16mm


The A-Minima is an Aaton camera which is very cool and is great for hand
held high quality work.

The A-Cam is different and newer than the A-Minima.  It looks smaller and
seems to be less complicated.

Has anyone had any experience with either?

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Subject: Eclair Cameras: The Mini super16mm

I've seen pictures of the camera Pierre is talking about. I think it's
called the "A-Minima" or something like that. I just don't understand
what market they're trying to appeal to with this camera. 100-foot
loads, no reflex finder... similar to the Richter EMP in concept. Seems
like the answer to a question no one is asking.

Pierre Samuel Rioux wrote:
> Mark
> Do you ear about the A-Cam it is a super 16mm at low cost develeped by
> user. At www.ikonoskop.com they want also developed in the future a low
> cost scanner.
> You should take a look the A-Cam got a interesting desing.It is a no
> reflex camera and it take onley 100 ft.they give not much info specialy
> on the motor. A interesting tools for action ft and musical clip.
> The ACL it not going to lose it place any way !!! but i thing we are in
> a hybride periode where we used different tool to create.
> Pierre Sam

- Ian Marks

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