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Eclair Cameras: All List Members Please Read

The Eclair Cameras List has been up and running a little over two years now. In that time I have had little reason to change the administration of the List or the guidelines governing it. But due to a recent spate of negative off-topic postings (mainly directed by a few members towards a single member) I am now going to enact some changes. I will be sending personal letters to all of those that I feel have been involved in this and furthering it along. To the vast majority of you who prefer to post and talk about cameras and who's time has been wasted by this, my apologies. My first impulse was to do nothing but I feel it would be a disservice to you.
So without further adieu here goes:

Until further notice I will be approving all messages. That is the message will come to me first and I will determine if it meets the List guidelines (I have attached revised guidelines below). If it doesn't I will be sending it back to you or rejecting it outright. Before anyone cries foul and says "That's censorship", I agree. You won't meet anyone who dislikes censorship more than I but in an effort to keep the Eclair List on track I find it necessary. I am doing it for two reasons. One, to quail any further posting of off-topic negative messages. You are free to send your negative comments directly to another list member but I do not want them broadcast onto the List. The proper conduit for dealing with a member you have a problem with is to bring it directly to me. Second, I have posted time and again requesting that people use the correct subject line in their email messages. The title of your posting should reflect what you are commenting about. If you are replying to another message then you can leave the title as is, but it should be a direct response to a post. Also with regards to reply messages I only want to see the pertinent text being replied to. Sending huge email messages with all the previous postings attached is lazy and wastes inbox space. Cut out the portions that have already been addressed and leave in what you are directly replying to (or remove the previous text entirely. It is not always necessary to quote the previous posting in a reply. Most of us are intelligent enough to follow a thread). Off topic postings (anything not related to Eclair motion picture cameras) should be proceeded in the subject line by OT:

I am also adding a new guideline to the List stating that all current postings and all future postings are to be considered in the public domain. If you post on the Eclair Cameras List you are releasing ownership of any text you post here. This is effective immediately and overrides any other disclaimers or notices attached by list members. Since this is retroactive, please contact me if you have any postings in the List archives that you wish to have removed. I think it has been implied from the outset that you release ownership of any text posted simply due to the fact that not releasing ownership would require another member to gain permission before including your text in their reply. As has always been the case, text is often cut and pasted within replies with little regard for the original context of the posting.

This is an experiment. Hopefully the net effect will be to improve the List or it could backfire and kill the discussion outright. It is up to you the List Members. I will be checking the list postings approximately twice a day maybe more frequently if the volume warrants it.

As always let me know if you have any questions, gripes, praise, or feedback. To use a bad cliche "My door is always open." cinesota@yahoo dot com

Ray Thomas 8/4/2003
Eclair Cameras List Administrator (aka the List Mum)

Please read the following revised guidelines regarding conduct on the List:

1. Contribute! Contribute! Contribute! These lists don't work if people don't contribute.

2. Respect your fellow listees. Negative, offensive, vulgar, or derogatory posts will not be tolerated. Verbally attacking a fellow list member can result in suspension from the List.

3. Please keep posts on topic, that is if you want to debate politics, religion, or bird watching, that is fine, but take if off-list please. This list is primarily for discussion of Eclair cine-cameras and their use. Cinematography, filmmaking, and camera related topics are okay. All off-topic subjects should be precede in the subject line by OT:

4. If you are a dealer or technician you are welcome to offer your goods and services on the List but please contribute to the discussions. That is, if I find you are only using the List to advertise then you may be asked to leave. Spam is not cool. Keep in mind the Eclair Cameras List is an open public forum and feedback may be given regarding the quality of your service or product.

5. All postings to the Eclair Cameras List should be considered in the public domain. By posting to this list you release all rights of ownership to any text posted. 6. Lastly, have fun. This list is for the hobbyist as well as the professional.

As the List Administrator I reserve the right to amend, change, remove, or edit any of the above listed guidelines without prior notice and at my discretion.

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