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Eclair Cameras: OT: Weapons of Mass Distraction

In the immortal words of Fred Willard "Whaaa happened?" (Those of you who have seen "A Mighty Wind" should appreciate this.)

I logged off the List last night and I get on today and there are like 38 new messages to read (I access the Eclair List via the Topica website). I'm always happy to see lots of activity on the List, that was until I saw what had been posted. Those of you who have been on the Eclair List for some time know I am pretty hands off when it comes to administering things. I feel that we are all adults and we can show restraint so there is no need for me to babysit the List everyday. But a 20 plus message thread on PUNCTUATION. Maybe you guys have settled this already as I stopped reading after about message 15. Raymond you made your point, Eric you replied, and everything after that was redundant and unneccessary. All this business about people living in grass huts and what not has to stop. It has absolutely no place here. Making assumptions about people you don't know is wrong and also has no place on this List. We have 130 members who subscribe to the Eclair List and about a third of them hail from countries where English is not the first language. Are we going to correct their English everytime they try to post? No. What if someone posts in Russian? Spanish? German? If someone doesn't want to use a spell checker then so be it. Nobody is forcing you to read their postings. Just bin it and move on. If you read something a fellow listee has written and don't understand a portion of it then email them a polite note requesting clarification. But if you want to wrap up jabs and insults with thinly veiled politeness, take it somewhere else. I don't use a spell checker myself so if you spot any spelling or grammatical errors keep it to yourself. If you've got a beef with what I have said here feel free to send me a message off-list as I don't want to waste anyone elses time with this nonsense. My email is cinesota@yahoo dot com.

This is the Eclair Cameras List so keep things on that topic.

'Nuff said,
Ray the List Mum

ps. For those of you who are wondering I stole the title List Mum from another list that I belonged to. I liked the sound of it better than List Administrator. Unfortunately, List Mum takes on a rather literal meaning from time to time.

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