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RE: Eclair Cameras: Digest for EclairACL@topica.com, issue 548

Censorship for snide comments targeted at someone's linguistic skills or generally rude behaviour seems civilized - I for one don't want my time wasted with childish musings or adolescent finger pointing regarding punctuation, spelling, or grammar.

I prefer to hear about the topic I signed up for.

I have found the wealth of info available on the list to be of immense benefit to my filmmaking.

On another topic, I recently used my Eclair ACL2 to shoot the men's and women's world freestyle championships in NYC at Madison Square Gardens - the final matches got the rich benefit of film while all of the lower matches only got the DV treatment. As the skin tones of the people competing ranged from a deep chocolate brown to the "bleachy NY tan" white, I had to find stock that would put up with the ugly lighting of the Garden and give me the detail demanded for sports shooting. I decided to shoot the Reala 500D stock and the Vision2 7218 - and compare after the shoot. The Reala was corrected behind the lens with a gel filter (CTB1/4) and came out great! it muted the green of the "efficiency" bulbs of the Garden's lighting grid and did an amazing job of keeping the color spectrum elsewise - even with the CTB.

My question now is: What Eclair specific tricks have people out there been using to get the most mileage out of there cameras with the rich allotment of stocks now available to us? How creative have you been with your camera? What's your favorite low budget lighting package? We don't all have access to the latest in gear - but I suspect the suggestions and insight of the many seasoned professionals on this board will prove interesting and valuable to us all.

The only way to keep shooting film is to stay creative and keep pulling newer and better rabbits out of our respective hats.

Otherwise its off to the retirement home for us all, and the DV kids get the job.

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