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RE: Eclair Cameras: Digest for EclairACL@topica.com, issue 519

Yeah - they're a good lab - fast, reasonable, always there for you, and the
colorists are best in the area. I live in NY now, but started in ATL - I
wish I could get their prices here! They (last I checked) don't have the
Scream grain reduction system though. They handle almost all of the Turner
group film processing, so they stay busyl
Drew -ACL list member..
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Labs- Cinepost
By klkim@comcast.net


Date: Wed,  1 Oct 2003 20:20:54 +0000
From: Karl  <klkim@comcast.net>
Subject: Labs- Cinepost

Anyone have any experience with CinePost in Atlanta, GA?
Developing/transfer  good/bad???  Thanks all.


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