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Re: Eclair Cameras: Slightly OT - fungus in lenses

I can't say about the fungus and cleaning but I do
have the same Angeneiux 15-150mm lens (in CA mount)
and use it all the time with really terrific results. It covers super 16mm all though the range. Very good
contrast and colour rendition too and very sharp for a
lens of its era (mine is late 70s I believe). Telecine operators frequently mistake it for a much
newer piece of glass to my great satisfaction!!

So if it's possible to get your lens cleaned and
perhaps have it recoated, I would recommend it.  It's
been a great lens for me.

Paul Williams

--- Ian Marks <ianmarks@lycos.com> wrote:
I recently obtained an Angenieux 15-150mm zoom in
C-mount. The lens seems mechanically sound but I can see fungus on the inner elements. It is unusable as it is. Is repairing such a lens even feasible, or does fungus automatically mean the lens is a goner? I know that lens work is expensive, but I don't have much invested, and it is one of the few zooms to cover Super-16 (at least that I can afford). If cleaning/repair is a possibility, could anyone recommend a technician to do the deed? Any information/advice would be greatly appreciated.

- Ian Marks

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