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RE: Eclair Cameras: HD-144 and Metering System


I had a 1.5 with the metering system still intact that I had converted to s16. After the conversion I still couldn't see the enlarged s16 area because the little lens that delivers the viewfinder image from the gg prism wasn't long enough to cover the enlarged area.

What I had to do, with the most generous help and guidance of Mark the ACL God, was to pull the LED assembly off, use acetone and a razor blade to clear the mask off, reset the enlarged s16 area to the _left_ of the r16 area (thus fitting it within the little lenses field of view), shim the prism block, and have Bernie O'Doherty do the painstaking work of realigning the whole thing with the gate.

I think Mark also mentioned he once managed to unglue the little lens piece and reattach it with some light-sensitive glue so that shimming and remarking the ground glass wouldn't be necessary. Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun…

I don’t know if you’ll have a similar problem with your ACL, but if you do I imagine it would be hard to retain the metering system. I don’t think my viewfinder (orientable Ang.) would be able to have enough clearance to see it anyway – my edges are pretty dim as it is, there is little room on both sides of the s16 area.

Maybe somebody else out there has successfully done this?


Michael Welle wrote:
My first question about this is, can this actually be accomplished?

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