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Re: Eclair Cameras: Color Reversal Film

Thanks a lot! By the way, what prices do they charge you for film and
developing, compared to negative film?

One reason I am considering shooting on reversal film is that I own a
wildlife magazine, and if I shoot in 35mm with the same film stock, I can
match the photos and film easier when using Nikon lenses (by putting the
photos of animals onto the finished film or video and inter cutting the film
with 35mm photos) AND use the 35mm movie footage in my magazine. In essence
the movie camera becomes a motor drive of 24 fps for using that unique, once
in a lifetime frame as a PHOTO in the magazine.

This is why I prefer transparency film in either the magazine or the movie

That is why I was interested to know.

Lastly, when you put it onto video, do you see any more saturation with the
reversal film than negative film?


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The above links are an easy way to get Kodak 7239 and 7250 color
reversal film.  These are my favorite filmstocks for shooting color
reversal.  The 7239 is great for shooting outdoors with a daylight
rating of 160 and the 7250 is awesome for shooting indoors with a
tungsten rating of 400.  The colors are very vibrant on both stocks.
You can also purchase it at the Film Emporium, although they don't
always have exactly what you need in stock at all times.

I will try getting mine processed at Bono Film and Video next time.
I've included the link below:


Unfortuntaely I haven't used Fuji Reversal film yet.

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